How to Increase Sex Power and Stay Longer in Bed?

The part of human physical energy that you use in while your intercourse is called sex power. Sex is a vital part of everyone’s life same as having food etc. To enjoy sex to the utmost, you have good sexual stamina. Having healthy sex power of both the partners who are involved in sex gives many benefits at the physical and mental levels. However, in today’s era, due to unhealthy lifestyles and polluted environments, people get many diseases or mental stress that reduces sex power. With this article, let’s discuss some ways to increase sex power.

What Is Sexual Stamina?

Sex power implies how efficiently you are involved in intercourse with your partner. This may be different in women and men. Generally, sex time is considered to be five to seven minutes for men, while for women this time is about 20 minutes. The orgasm ends with the climax. Men have a relatively high libido and are usually aroused quickly. But not everyone’s sexual performance is the same.

Symptoms of Low Sex Power

  • Lack of sexual arousal
  • Having premature ejaculation
  • Decreased duration of orgasm.
  • Lack of satisfaction during sex.
  • Decreased sexual performance.

Although there can be so many reasons for low sex power, some of the main reasons are old age, stress and anxiety, chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, and so on.

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Ways to increase sex power and last longer in bed

How to stay longer in bed

Stay Away From Stress and Anxiety

To increase sex power naturally, you must stay away from stress. Stress and anxiety have an adverse effect on your health. A study has found that stress affects a person’s sexual activities. Due to stress, the heart rate becomes abnormal and the problem of high BP also arises. These diseases adversely affect your sexual activity. Aside from this, stress also makes it difficult to get sexual arousal and reach orgasm. If your partner is under stress, you should do your best to help them overcome their stress. Many times, due to stress, a person becomes addicted to alcohol and drugs that is one of the reasons for decreasing sex power.

Spend time in the Sun Rays

Sun rays are the natural remedy for many diseases. Melatonin (the hormone that regulates the sleep process) has an effect on your sexual desire. It is said that this hormone is secreted more in winter. To avoid this, you should sit for some time in the rays of the sun. This is an effective way to increase sex power. Not only this, by sitting in the rays of the sun, your blood circulation is improved and you become more active than before.

Include Onion In Your Diet

If you are thinking to increase your sex power, then include onions in your diet. Research on onions and sexual health has found that sex power can be increased naturally by consuming onions. For this, you have to cut the white onion and fry it in butter. Take one spoon of this onion every day. You can also add honey to it for your taste. Consume this onion every morning on an empty stomach. This remedy removes the problem of sex power and premature ejaculation.

Consume Garlic Buds Daily

Consuming garlic has many benefits wherein sexual power enhancement is one of them. To increase sex power, you should consume garlic buds daily. This naturally increases your sexual desire. The secret of increasing sex power with garlic is that it increases the blood circulation of the sex organs. Due to which the excitement in the sex organs remains for a long time during sex and you are able to have sex for a longer time.

Consume Almonds Every Day

Almonds increase sex power naturally. A study conducted on almonds has found that they increase the sexual power of your body. Along with this, eating almonds also increases fertility. Nutrients and minerals are found in high amounts in almonds. It contains zinc, selenium, and vitamin E, which increase sexual health and fertility. Studies also show that zinc is also considered very useful for increasing sexual desire.

Consume Dark Chocolate

Although you must have eaten chocolate many times, you wouldn’t still know the benefit of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate works like medicine in increasing sexual power. Consumption of dark chocolate releases endorphins (Endropihn; the hormone that makes you feel happy) that enhance your sexual performance. So, if you are not able to have sex for a long time, then you must consume dark chocolate. But if you already have any sexual problem then you should consume it only after the doctor’s advice.

Don’t Smoke and Stay Away From Alcohol

Drinking alcohol and smoking cause many harms including reducing your sex power. According to a study, this happens because smoking and drinking alcohol constrict blood vessels. Because of this, there is also the problem of impotence in men. To avoid this problem, you have to quit smoking and alcohol addiction. Instead, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Have Sex with Right Position

Sometimes you or your partner can get bored doing the same type of sex position. In such a situation, you feel that your sex power has decreased, while this does not happen. By changing sex positions, you will be able to make your sex life as thrilling as before. While adopting a sex position, you have to pay more attention to the comfort of the partner than your own. Once you and your partner are comfortable in a sex position, you can show your sex power later. At the same time, there are many such sex positions, through which you can provide complete satisfaction to the partner even with less enthusiasm.

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Some General Ways to Enjoy Sex for Longer and Better

Masturbating – Masturbation can increase your sex power. If you want to increase your sex power, then you have to take help from masturbation, in fact, it increases the duration of sex. You can also do this as a practice before having sex. While doing this, you have to keep in mind that overdoing it can also cause damage.

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Avoid having sex every day – Just like doing any work daily, you start feeling boredom in it, in the same way, you get bored by having sex daily. Boredom in sex leads to a decrease in your sexual desire. To maintain sexual desire or libido, you have to change the habit of having regular sex. Instead, you have sex in an interval of a day or two as per your convenience. This way, you will not only feel excited but also be able to feel your sex power.

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