How to Make the Penis Thicker, Longer, and Bigger?

Today, you bump into several websites and advertisements that claim the method of penis enlargement and enhance its thickness. But would that all be true? This pretty much confuses everyone as there are many misconceptions about the size of the penis among people, although everyone aspires to have a larger and thicker penis. Most people try adopting some wrong methods and fall into trouble.

Experts believe that the length of the penis of most men is normal, though they believe their penis size is smaller than normal under misbelief or misconception. They state that anyone who is under stress thinking that their penis size is small than normal should consult a doctor before using medicines for penis enlargement.

In general, the size of the penis depends on the size of the body. But if you believe that your penis size is not normal, then you should go to a sex specialist and get counseling done. He will advise you the exact reason and treatment of your problem if there is really any problem. Although there are few ways to increase penis size, you can benefit from this by staying fit and having the standard weight.

What is the size of the penis?

There are different penis sizes in adolescents as everyone’s growth process is different. According to the analysis, the average length of the penis of men is found to be –

Length without tension and stimulation – 8.12 cm (3.2 inches) in normal condition

Thickness without tension and stimulation – 9.14 cm (3.6 inches)

Length after stress and excitement – 13.01 cm (5.1 inches)

Thickness after stress and stimulation – 11.46 cm (4.5 inches)

There are several types of penis sizes in its erected states. Some have straight tension, while for many, the size of the penis remains slightly downward after tension. While some are inclined to the right and some to the left. If this inclination is high, you may have pain and difficulty during sex.

The process of penis growth is different according to the age of every person. Along with this, the length of their penis also varies. During adulthood, there is a rapid increase in the size of the penis at the age of 11 to 18 years and its growth continues for 21 years. Men whose penis size is small come under stress thinking that they can’t satisfy the women. But this completely wrong notion as men with small size penis can make women orgasm.

Men are more likely to have erectile dysfunction due to mental stress. Along with this, there are also several sexual diseases they can suffer from, but in all such cases even if you have doubted your penis size, a doctor’s advice is always necessary before taking any pills.

Home, natural remedies, and medicine for penis enlargement

There are many home remedies or natural ways to increase the size of the penis, but such remedies don’t guarantee to work. But such methods are believed to be better than taking drugs for penis enlargement as you can benefit from the habit of yoga, dietary changes, and some exercise to enlarge the penis. Some medicine can also help you have a larger and thicker penis. Such drugs increase blood circulation to the area around your penis so that your penis becomes fully stimulated during times of tension and excitement.

These drugs may also have some adverse effects, therefore you should consult a doctor before using them –

Buckwheat – Buckwheat, also known as Kasha in Eastern Europe, is an indigenous medicine, found in hot regions. In India, this herb has been used in Ayurveda since ancient times. It has been used for centuries to remove the strength and weakness of the body. Many studies have been done on this, in which it has been found that bunion increases the level of testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone that increases male sexual power, penis size, and hardness.

Ginseng – Ginseng is a medicine found in South Korea, Siberia, and North Korea. The elements present in this herb work to heal our nerves. Some studies have found that it is beneficial for removing problems in sexual activity, while there is no solid basis in the medical world regarding its benefits.

Ginseng is used in many medicines. It also has the potential to cause cancer, heart disease, insomnia, and other disorders. For this reason, you should consult a doctor before taking it regularly.

Gingko Biloba – Ginkgo Biloba herb works to increase brain capacity. Apart from this, it increases the circulation of blood in our body and penis. It is used as a medicine for penis enlargement. Studies have found that Ginkgo biloba is very beneficial in relieving depression caused by obstruction of sexual activity. It also helps in increasing memory. Apart from this, it also has some harmful effects. It is easily available in the market with tea leaves and also in the form of tablets.

Maca supplement – Maca powder is used to increase the size of the penis. It is considered a drug that increases sexual arousal. There are such elements present inside it that increase the level of your inner strength and keep the excitement in the male penis right. Because of this, it is used in large numbers.

L-arginine – This has been used for a long time as a medicine for penis enlargement. It acts like a kind of amino acid, which improves the blood flow to the penis during arousal to make it full. Its 1 gram dosage has to be taken thrice a day. Taking it regularly improves your sperm count and fertility. It is used for sexual dysfunction and as a medicine to enlarge the penis. Avoid taking it if you are taking heart disease medicine.

Home remedies to increase penis size

Today everyone wants to get the medicine to make the penis longer and thicker, but you can easily increase the size of your penis with a little change in your routine. Experts believe that to increase the length of the body and any part of it, you have to pay attention to your daily routine. You have to do such things in your daily routine that will keep you fit and keep your blood flow normally fine. Due to the following changes in the routine, you can easily enlarge the penis.

Prohibit smoking

The size of the penis depends on the blood in your body before and after stimulation. Smoking and taking any other intoxicant can make the passage of your veins smaller. Due to which the blood flow is not able to flow properly in the body parts. This also reduces the flow of blood in the veins of the penis. Due to which the size of the penis does not get proper growth. If you are looking for ways to increase your penis then you have to quit smoking habit soon.

Do regular exercise

The operation of your body keeps the flow of blood right. By doing regular exercise, blood flows to all the parts of the body and the body comes in a fully active state. Along with this, the flow of blood in the veins of the penis also works smoothly. If you do not exercise, then your penis will not be able to get full stimulation. That’s why everyone should exercise at least one hour a day. For this, you can go swimming, jogging, jogging or cycling. All these exercises improve your blood flow.

Exercises for pelvic muscles

If you want to increase your penis fast, you have to do exercises that stretch the muscles of the pelvic region. The pelvic area is the part below your navel to which the nerves to your penis attach. The flow of blood during arousal to the penis is regulated from this place. An exercise called Kinjal is done to strengthen the pelvic muscles. This improves your sexual life.

Reduce belly fat

Due to the increase in the stomach, your penis starts to look smaller. You do not have to face much trouble to reduce belly fat. You can also see the changes in the length of the penis while reducing belly fat. A report states that about 50 percent of the men whose waist was up to 42 inches instead of 32 inches were such that the complaint of erectile dysfunction was found.  For this reason, men who have more belly fat should reduce it for the good length of the penis.

What to eat to increase penis size?

You can also consume certain types of foods in the remedies to enlarge the penis. Next time you go to the market, definitely bring these food items. These elements are found to increase the size and arousal of your penis. Let’s know about them.

Diet to increase sexual power


Many types of research have found that onions contain all the ingredients to make your penis longer. Actually, the elements present in onions prevent blood from clotting. At the same time, it makes the flow of blood flowing from the heart smooth. Due to which the size of the penis starts increasing.

Salmon fish

Omega 3 and other nutrients are found in salmon fish, which work to lengthen our penis.


Banana is considered a useful food item for your heart and blood cells. Along with this, it is also important to increase the size of your penis.


Consuming watermelon brings excitement to the penis. Watermelon contains amino acids that maintain the dilation of veins. Watermelon is said to be essential for men’s health for this reason.

Vitamins that increase the penis

Vitamins also play an important role in penis enlargement methods. If you are also interested in the ways to enlarge your penis, then you must also include these vitamins in your diet.

Vitamin A – Vitamin A is very essential for the body. It has anti-bacterial properties, which keep you away from many diseases. Any kind of disease prevents the size of your penis from increasing. That’s why you should eat more and more vitamin A foods. Vitamin A is found in abundance in carrots and sweet potatoes.

Vitamin B5 – Vitamin B5 helps in increasing your penis. It maintains the activity of increasing your penis even after it is done. Vitamin B5 is found in sunflower seeds, cereals, and mushrooms.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C should be used for ways to increase sexual stamina and lengthen the penis. Vitamin C, which increases the size of the penis, is found in guava, broccoli, and yellow capsicum. Apart from this, you can take it from many things.

Penis enlargement products

Stay away from products that claim to increase penis size. Enlargement of the penis is the desire of most men. But keep a distance from the products which tell you the magic way to enlarge it. Enlargement of the penis is genetic. Products claiming to increase it play with your health.

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