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Dear Readers,

We are a team of humanitarian living in a remote village of Bihar (India) and aiming at helping people who are really in need, especially those who are spending deprived lives in remote areas. Those people can be elderly, poor children, family, poor people suffering from fatal diseases, and similar ones. Along with that, we also work to educate the poor children of villages and provide them a way of living through this website and the affiliated ones. Though we have just initiated this step to ensure better futures and better lives for the deprived ones, we have succeeded to collect a little contribution from likewise contributors.

Hereby we expect the smallest amount from your side, the amount which never hampers your way of living, the amount you happily give the needy ones, and the amount which is small enough that doesn’t even make you think of it. Your little contribution that perhaps doesn’t affect you anyhow will mean a lot to the needy ones who are far away from even the basic necessities, suffering from pain, begging, and getting crumbled to the worst. We along with all beneficiaries would be highly grateful to you even if you read this post and consider for a little contribution, no matter how small it is.

Honestly, we wouldn’t like you to trust us before checking every fact about and our team. My name is Amit Mani Gautam and I am a writer and humanitarian. I along with my team put every name that makes a contribution to the causes on this website. With each and every contribution, we post the screenshot of the contribution (with hiding sensitive details) and share the details with every contributor who asks about the information about, and our team, and donated money.

We happily assist contributors with their queries and make them aware of everything they need to know. We also post the pictures of beneficiaries (with their consent) on our ‘Donate for a Cause’ page.  Indeed, we keep every record of contributions that prove our loyalty and dedication towards helping needy people. This is our small step to be a human and inspire others to protect humanity. Please take a step forward and contribute to humanity as the smallest amount as possible. Your contribution can be the lifeline for many.  

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Donate For a Cause

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