Hot Sex Positions For Extreme Pleasure

Sex is a part of life. According to experts, sex is as necessary as taking food or seeping daily.  However, too much sex is harmful to the body as same as having sex in the wrong positions. Yeah! You read well! The right positions of sex are not only safe but also give a lot of joyous to both males and females. Various sex positions are mentioned in Kama Sutra (Kamsutra) and modern medical science, let’s see major of them that sexologists also advise and are easily done. These steps help women to get multiple orgasms or extreme pleasure as stated that most women don’t get extreme pleasure most of the time, but men do. Note that, some steps mentioned below may be difficult. 

Doggy Style

doggy style sex

Doggy style is considered the best sex position for the couple. This way, there is a high likelihood to get multiple orgasms. This position is also very simple to do. It is said that women get extreme pleasure from this position. But for men, it may have less fun.

This is the same as a dog does sex. The woman stays on her hands and knees, and the man stays on his knees. To have the extreme pleasure and to provide comfort to the legs and hands of the female partner, the male partner can place a cushion or pillow there. Also, start with light sex, and then you can proceed with hardcore. But to hold for long, try to halt the stroke meanwhile.

Lotus Sex Position

seated lotus style sex

Seated Lotus is also a comfortable sex position. It can give you multiple orgasms. It is also not very hard. In this position, two people will be like the shape of a lotus flower. During this, the man sits cross-legged and the woman sits on top of him with his legs extended. Comfort yourself while sitting so that the partner can handle and enjoy it well.

Reverse Cowgirl Sex Position

reverse cowgirl sex position

It is also regarded as better for achieving orgasm. Many experienced people do this for a long time. Both males and females can enjoy this position. For this sex position, the male partner has to lie on his back and the female partner is on top of his male partner. But for this, she takes support by holding the knees of the man and turning her face opposite to her partner.

The Bridge Sex Position

bridge sex position

The bridge sex position is a bit difficult for beginners, but not impossible. It is also advised not to apply if you are a beginner. But if you try this with a little precaution, it’ll give you so much pleasure. 

In this position, you need to bend your knees in a position where your feet can rest comfortably on the ground. Raise the female partner’s hips upward in a bridge position. Now raise your legs slowly and place them on your partner’s shoulders. Do this with precaution; there may be chances of some injury during this.

69 Sex Position

It is one of the ancient sex positions which is mentioned in the Kamasutra. The couple can enjoy oral sex in 69 sex positions. However, this should be hygienic, and one should avoid doing this with strange. Although there is no penetration in this position, there is so much pleasure.

Female and male partners get equal pleasure in 69 sex position. In this position, either one of the male or female partners will lie down first. Then another partner will lie on top of that partner’s private part. In this way, both private parts are in front of one another’s mouth. Now, they can lick one another’s private part.

Classic Missionary Sex Position

classic missionary sex position

When you are in the mood for wild sex, you can try the classic missionary sex position. This will give both of you extreme pleasure. Penetration occurs well in this position.

To perform the classic missionary sex position, you can place a pillow or cushion under your partner’s butt, which will lift your partner’s waist upwards. For this reason, you can penetrate in a better way, and thereby you both will get extreme pleasure.

Spooning Sex Position

spooning sex position

Spooning sex positions are considered the easiest. This is very easy but most pleasurable. However, there is not much fun of penetration in this. Turn your female partner over for a spooning sex position. Now you go after him and lie down in the same way. Slap the butt of the female partner. Then do the penetration in the same way.

Partners can have extreme pleasure during sex when both are prepared for this mentally or physically. So, before starting real sex, take some time to make the mood of yours and your partner too. Let your partner reach the point where she can start having sex. This way, both can achieve extreme pleasure.

Disclaimer: Information about sex position is fetched from internet-based articles. So, you must have sex according to your comfort and wit. Also, prepare well before doing these sex positions so there is no injury while doing them. If you or your partner is feeling unwell, avoid doing difficult sex positions.

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