Expert’s Answers of Most Intriguing Questions about Sex That You Often Wonder About

There are many questions about sex that leave you puzzled. Although men usually talk about this, while women are hesitant about such topics, especially sex queries that are related to them. Women feel that asking questions related to sex will make people think wrong about them. But the truth is if you know the answers to the questions related to sex, you can enjoy sex to the fullest without any doubt. Here are some questions and experts’ answers that many adults often wonder about. By knowing these questions, you will be able to make your sex life even more beautiful.

Can women reach orgasm during sex?

Women’s orgasm is not like men’s. Men reach orgasm sooner than women. So, in many cases, if a woman does not do foreplay well before sex, then she does not get orgasm after sex. This problem occurs with most women. In such a situation, men should do enough foreplay to arouse their partner before penetration. Male partners can stimulate their female partners by touching her special parts, talking romantically, or using some romantic environment. Note that, sex for women is more a mental game than a physical one. The more you can stimulate her mentally, the more she will enjoy sex.

I ejaculate very quickly. Can I increase my sex time?

A few moments are enough to achieve orgasm, although you can enjoy foreplay for hours. Also, it is not necessary that you will have sex for a longer duration for better sex. Yes, if you want to enjoy special moments with your partner on the bed for a long time, then you can do foreplay for a long time. According to a study conducted by sex therapists, 3 to 13 minutes is enough time to enjoy sex to the fullest. So never feel pressure about bedtime.

How to initiate sex?

Usually, the responsibility of initiating sex lies on the male partner, whereas women only support. But it is not always necessary for men to always take the initiative. Any partner can initiate sex. If you are shy in this regard, you can let your partner feel about it by some gesture. And when the matter starts moving forward, then both of them can come closer to each other. Talk to each other face to face. In this way, the pleasure of sex can be doubled.

Do women’s vaginas become loose due to frequent sex?

With age, some women may have such a problem. But even with this problem, women can enjoy sex to the utmost. Women can enjoy sex in any situation if their male partner is able to stimulate them.

Does the size of the penis really matter for sex?

If the male and female partners know how to enjoy sex, then the size of the penis never matters. Even with a small size penis, a man can stimulate a woman and get her to achieve orgasm.

Can Women Enjoy Anal Sex?

Of course, women can enjoy anal sex, but they must take care of certain precautions that are advised for anal sex. It depends on personal choice. If both partners agree to do anal sex, there is no problem with it. A study has confirmed that most women are now enjoying anal sex with the spread of sexual digital media content. However, there is still a large number of women who shy away from having anal sex.

Is it dangerous for boys to stop ejaculation during intercourse?

With the evidence gathered by scientists so far, no sign of a problem is found when ejaculation is prevented during intercourse. So the answer is ‘No’.  Even, through this technique, men can enjoy sex for a long time. This method is also useful for those who are trying to deal with the problem of premature ejaculation.

How can a wife be prepared to have sex?

The wife can enjoy sex to the utmost only when you do new experiments during regular sex. Many times due to the same-sex position, there is apathy towards sex in women. In such a situation, it is important to always experiment with new positions or methods in sex. This will increase your wife’s desire for sex.

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