10 Most Amazing and Bizarre Sex Records

Life is full of fun, so is sex. People around the world have crazy ideas to apply in sex and have pleasure. But when perfection touches and practice surpasses the normal, it becomes a record. Indeed, this applies to everything in the world including sex. There are so many world records related to sex that are so amazing and bizarre. In fact, when you know them, you wouldn’t believe that those can even happen in real life. We have collected such sex records that will blow your mind. Let’s shoot 10 sex records.

Maximum Times of Sex in a Single Day

Lisa Sparks

American porn actress Lisa Sparks holds the record for having sex with 919 men in a single day. She made this record during the third annual Gang-Bang Championship in 2004. Earlier, records for having sex with 646 and 754 men were made in 2002 and 2003 during the first and second gang bang championships.

World’s Largest Penis

American TV actor Jonah Falcon

Different sizes of the penis are found in different geographical areas of the world. In general, in most Asian countries the penis size is normally 3 inches (in relaxed states) whereas in African countries it is 5 inches. But if we talk about the biggest penis size, then this record goes to the name of an American TV actor Jonah Falcon. The length of his penis is 9 inches in the relaxed state and 13.5 inches in the excited state.

World’s Largest Mass Sex Event 

largest sex orgy

The Japanese hold the record for the world’s largest mass sex event. In the sex orgy, 250 Japanese couples had participated. The entire sex event had been filmed, which was later made available for sale. In this mass sex event, the couples had sex only with their partners, not with other people. Precisely, this can be called the biggest sex event of humans. If we talk about animals, this record goes to the name of Garter Snake who have sex together in a group of 30000.

World’s Oldest Father

world's oldest father

An Indian farmer named Nanu Ram Jogi holds the record of the world’s oldest father. He lived in a remote village in the Indian state of Rajasthan. He made this record by becoming the father of 21st children from his fourth wife in 2007 at the age of 90.

World’s Strongest Vagina

World’s Strongest Vagina

A 42-year-old Russian woman named Tatiata Kozhevnikova holds the record of the world’s strongest vagina. Her name is written in the Guinness Book as the world’s strongest vagina woman. She has strengthened her vaginal muscles to the extent that it lifts up to 14 kg weight. 

When she was the mother of her first child, her vaginal muscles became very weak. Then she read in a book that ancient women used to do some kind of exercise with wooden balls to overcome this problem. She too liked that idea and started exercising which later produced better results. She has been doing exercise for the last 19 years to make her vaginal muscles strong.

World’s Oldest Prostitute

world's oldest prostitute

Prostitution is the occupation where age has a great significance. This business is supposed to run well for girls or young women, but an 82-year-old woman in Taipei country, known as Grand Mother, had changed this belief by staying in this business up to the age of 82 years. She revealed that many customers wanted to have sex with her old body for less money. According to her, after the death of her husband 40 years ago, she had to come into this business.

World’s Longest Ejaculation

World’s Longest Masturbation

The record of the world’s longest Distanced Semen ejaculation goes to Japanese man Horst Schultz who did this with the distance (18 ft 9 in), the highest height (12 ft 4 in) with the highest speed (42.7 mph).

World’s Longest Masturbation

World’s Longest Masturbation

In general, masturbation timing for healthy people is 2 to 3 minutes (maybe less or more depending on mood). But a Japanese man named Masanobu Sato set the record of longest masturbation for 9 hours 58 minutes in the 2009 World Masturbation Competition held in San Francisco. Earlier, this record was 9 hours 33 minutes, which was made by Masanobu Sato last year. Masanobu Sato advertises for companies making sex toys in Japan.

World’s Most Fertile Mother

world's most fertile mother

17th century’s Russian woman Valentina Vassilyev has been named for being the most fertile mother of the world. She gave birth to a total of 69 children, which is still a record till now, and the interesting thing is she never gave birth to a single child. She gave birth to these 69 children in 27 deliveries: 16 twins, 7 times three, and 4 times 4 children. In the modern era, Chile’s Leontina Albina is regarded as the second most fertile woman in the world. It is claimed that she had 64 children, but officially the number has been stated as 58.

World’s Biggest Vagina

world's biggest vagina

The record of largest vagina goes to the name of Anna Swan of Scotland (1846–1888). Her vagina was claimed to be 19 inches in length. Along with this, she also holds several records such as she is 7 foot 8 inches tall at the age of 19 years. In 1877 she married 7 foot long Captain Martin Quail. On June 18, 1879, she gave birth to the longest child in history, whose length was 34 inches and weighed 12 kg. Although the child did not survive, his effigy is still in the Cleveland Museum of Health.

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