5 Cities in the World Where Sex Is Openly Enjoyed

There is a widespread belief that sex is a private kind of thing and should be privately done. This also happens in most parts of the world. In fact, in some countries, people are so bashful that they even take the name of sex in a mutilated tongue. But you would be amazed to know that there are some cities in the world where people don’t only talk about sex openly, but also are also allowed to have sex openly in public places. Yeah, there are many countries in the world that don’t treat sex as a dull ideology for people, but an action to maintain mental and physical health. In those countries, sex education is given to children since childhood, and for adults, having sex openly is not indecent at all. So, let’s go ahead and check out the cities where having sex openly is legal.

Pattaya City of Thailand

Pattaya City of Thailand open legal sex

Pattaya city of Thailand is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is famous for lovely beaches, resort hotels, high-rise condos, shopping malls, cabaret bars, and 24*7 clubs. But among them, there is one thing that attracts tourists a lot and that is ‘Sex party’. Yeah, you can find a sex partner very easily here at a low price and in a short time. Here, people have fun and sex without any restrictions. There are many legal nude beaches, massage parlors, and brothels here where you can enjoy sex. There are also many places in this city where you may have chances to watch live sex.

Tijuana City of Mexico

Tijuana City of Mexico open sex

Tijuana is a North American country of Mexico that is lined with souvenir shops and lively bars. Here, the government has approved open sex for the people in public places, inside a car, in vacant places, or places where everything is visible to everyone. Open sex is not considered a crime in this city unless someone reports or someone have problems with that. However, people hardly ask the police to intervene a couple having sex in public places. By the way, Alcohol is cheaper here, indeed cheaper than water. So, people here spend most of their time drinking alcohol and having sex.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas open sex

Las Vegas is the 28th most populous city in the United States and the most populous city in the state of Nevada. The city is widely known for gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and nightlife that in fact refer to casinos and the red light areas where people enjoy gambling and sex a lot. Prostitution is very easy here. With a call or SMS, you will get the best call girl you want. People here are far away from shame and consideration. Live sex bars, sex toy shops, sex hubs, etc. are easily found on the Las Vegas streets.


Amsterdam public sex

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is known for its aesthetic heritage, narrow houses, legacies of the city’s 17th-century Golden Age, and more. This city is also known for its bizarre adventure including Cycling and biking on preset paths. Aside from that, this city is known for the beauty of prostitution. Outdoor sex is legal here. The people of Amsterdam live cool. They don’t hesitate to have outdoor sex and enjoy it. You can also find a girl for sex very easily. Drugs and sex are very common in Amsterdam’s street.



Brazil open sex

Brazil is a country that is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east. So, it has one of the longest coastlines and is the home of a vast tropical forest and diverse wildlife. Brazilian cities are known for sex and fun.  Here, there is open talk about sex.  People are completely satisfied with the sex. In the country, there are many topless and nude beaches where sex is openly enjoyed without any restrictions.

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