The Truths of Oral Sex That You Might Not Know About!

When it comes to sex, it’s not just about orgasm, it’s about building up until the moment you reach climax, although women take more time to reach climax as compared to men. This is why many women are unable to get orgasm as quickly as men. Men reach climax easily. However, there are many ways in which you can make a man or a woman orgasm.

One of the ways is oral sex. Yes, one can reach climax through oral sex. If a man is unable to satisfy his partner, then he can make his partner satisfy through oral sex. But there are still many people who feel uncomfortable doing it or find it ‘dirty’ to engage in oral intercourse. Whereas oral intercourse can be really enjoyable. There are many things about oral sex that people do not know about. Therefore, in this article, let’s discuss some of the facts about oral sex that you might not know about.

You don’t lose your virginity by oral sex

Many people think that virginity is lost even through oral sex. But this is not true. You do not lose virginity by oral sex. It’s just penetrative sex. You can lose your virginity only if there is physical penetration. People should learn about scientific reasoning and remove emotional barriers from their minds. However, oral sex can take away their emotional virginity. At the same time, many people understand that breaking the hymen means losing virginity. But this is also not true. The hymen can also rupture from a very active lifestyle such as cycling and exercising. However, having oral sex does not break the hymen.

Oral intercourse can be hygienic

Oral sex is as clean as one tries to keep it. One’s personal hygiene completely depends on the habits of the individual and cannot be generalized. It is only dangerous if there are multiple partners involved in doing it. Then it may be unsafe. But if you take a good bath before having oral sex then it is hygienic. But if a woman’s vagina still smells after this, then it can be a problem. For this, they must see a doctor.

You can be completely satisfied with oral sex

Oral, In fact, there are many women and men who find it easier and more intense to reach orgasm through oral stimulation than natural sex. It is often a part of foreplay. However, it can lead one to climax in a better and more satisfying way. During oral sex, the woman’s clitoris gets stimulated and, apparently, she finds intercourse more pleasurable and satisfying. This also applies to men, as it is more like a masturbation act.

Can condoms be used during oral sex?

Condoms provide up to 97 percent protection. That’s why people use condoms during sex. The use of condoms is very important to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Most use it during intercourse, it is not mandatory to limit it to only that, you can also use condoms during oral sex as there is also a risk of sexually transmitted diseases during oral sex. Condoms specially made for oral sex are also easily available in the market, which you can use during oral sex. It is quite safe.

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