Best Exercises to Make Your Sex Life Better, Longer, and Pleasurable

Exercise has many benefits not only for our body but also for the mind and better sex. In fact, exercise and sex are related to each other because both exercise and sex keep your body and mind healthy. Exercise improves your stamina and gives peace to your brain by helping sufficient oxygen reach the brain. With good exercise and sex, we are able to concentrate on our work and can give our best every time. Exercise keeps your body healthy and makes your mood, and your good mood instigates you to have good and durable sex with the stamina you obtain with exercise.  So, let’s check out the exercise that can help you have good sex.


swiming improve sex drive

Swimming is a good exercise. It increases flexibility and strength, and the blood flow in the body. In the research, it has been found that for women and men who swim over the age of 60, their sex life is similar to the sex life of a young man. Swimming increases sex power and also removes erectile dysfunction in men.

Cardio Exercises

Cardio Exercises imroves sex drive

Cardio exercise is good for a better sex drive. While doing this exercise, your heartbeat becomes faster thereby there is increased blood flow in the body that overall good for your sex drive. To do this, you can walk fast, run, or ride a bicycle. It can be done by both men and women and it is equally beneficial for both.

Frog Pose

frog pose improves sex drive

Frog pose in exercise strengthens the lower part of your thighs and hip, which is ultimately good for sex. This exercise is done like a frog. Aside from this, it also works to relieve stress and anxiety.

Hip Hinge Pose

Hip hinge pose improves sex drive

The hinge pose is good for keeping your body under your control. In this, you need to keep your shins perpendicular to the ground and bend over moving your hips backward. After staying in this posture for a few seconds, you slowly come back to the normal posture. This strengthens your spine and prevents it from being placed under too much stress, which ultimately helps in your sex drive.

Kegels Exercise

kegel-exercise improves sex life

Kegels pose increases the sex power in both men and women. This exercise cures your bladder problems and strengthens your lower back. In this, you need to sit on a marble and tighten your pelvic muscles by lifting them upward. Try to hold for a few seconds when you go up. For best results, focus on tightening only your pelvic floor muscles. Kegels exercise help get orgasm soon. This exercise is very beneficial for women. This also helps men get rid of the problem of premature ejaculation.

Plank Pose

The plank exercise is very effective for strengthening the muscles below your abdomen. Aside from this, it is also good for the upper part of your arms, thighs, and hips. In this, you need to face down with your forearms while keeping your toes on the floor. Draw your navel toward your spine. You can hold this position for a few seconds. Plank exercise helps strengthen many parts of your body.

Cat Stretch Pose

Cat Stretch exercise is good for flexing your spine and breathing. This exercise improves your sex drive, it strengths your muscles so as you don’t feel any tiredness during sex. In this, you need to stand on all fours, hands, and legs in such a way that your back forms a tabletop.

Exercising with Partner

excercise with partner improves sex life

Exercising with a partner brings both of you closer to each other. Many researchers have found that exercising together is very important to reach extreme pleasure in sex. If both of you run together and do some other exercise, your relationship will be stronger and your sex life will be better.

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