Joe Biden Wins USA Presidential Election, Becomes 46th President of United States

Joe Biden Defeats Trump in USA Presidential Election

Democrat candidate Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump and become the 46th president of the United States on Saturday. He won 273 electoral votes in 38 total votes, whereas Trump lost the election with 214 votes. It is the historic victory of Joe Biden where he has to lead a nation gripped by the fast increasing pandemic,  declining economic, and social turmoil.

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US Presidential Election2020: Biden Confident of Victory, Prepares for White House before the Final Results

USA Presidential Election 2020: Democratic Candidate Joe Biden is confident of his victory that he keeps claiming in his tweets. Gradually, he is moving towards defeating Republic Candidate Donald Trump. Biden has received 253 Electoral College votes out of 270 so far whereas Donald Trump has won 214 Electoral College votes. 99 percent of the votes have been counted in Pennsylvania, and Biden is ahead by 29 thousand votes.

Biden is leading in battleground states such as Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Arizona, that’s why Biden looked confident of his victory. In his recent speech, he claimed that he would win more than 300 electoral colleges votes. He said that he received more than 7 crores 40 lakh votes that are more votes received by any presidential candidate in the history of America. Though Biden is very optimistic of victory, yet he is still avoiding declaring himself a winner.

Biden’s been Presidential Candidate Before

Joe Biden has also been a presidential candidate twice before. Once in 1988 and once in the year 2008 but both times, he didn’t succeed to win. If he wins this time, he will be the first president of America who steps into the white house at the age of 78. If the result is declared in his favor by the end of this week, his team is likely to start the process of assuming the office from Monday.
As Biden is a few steps away from his victory, the intelligence agency of America has increased Biden’s security. The Union Aviation Ministry has banned any flight to Wilmington’s airspace.

President Trump yet Optimistic of His Victory

Donald Trump

While Biden seems to be closer to victory, President Trump claimed fraud in postal voting and unfair election. He tweeted that they are trying to steal the election. He threatened to go to the Supreme Court. Also, in his recent tweet, he said, “Joe Biden should not wrongly claim the presidency. I can also claim that. The legal process is starting.” However, the Democratic Party has refuted his claims of the unfair election.



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