Going to Have Sex for the First Time? Don’t Forget to Keep These Essential Tips in Mind

First-time sex is quite exciting, isn’t it? But you need to hold on for a moment and think so as your excitement may not ruin the moment. Yes, if your first-time sex is so fast or improper, it may lead to an immature ending like pain in the genitals, premature ejaculation, partner’s dissatisfaction, and so on. This doesn’t good for the relationship, ultimately the first impression is the last impression, and you also wouldn’t like to make a bad impression with your partner, especially when you both are having sex for the first time. So, it is important to keep some essential tips for sex in mind before going to rock the bed. 

Be Fully Prepared

Be Fully Prepared for Sex

There are numerous things you need to know about safe and pleasant sex such as right sex positions, methods of protection while having sex, diseases related to sex, sex organs, every sex zone of the body, and so on. If you know these things very well, you can enjoy sex to the fullest. Also, before sex, you should have the necessary things like condoms, any greasy substance (jelly), or kind of massage items if you want to play longer.

Don’t Make Haste

Don't make haste in sex

If it is your first-time sex, don’t make haste. This is the first mantra to satisfy yourself and your partner in sex. Yeah, once you are close to your partner, talk to her, and then proceed with a slow and steady romance. Touch her body parts gently, like playing with her hair, touching her back and then bosom, hips, and so on. Take 10 to 15 minutes minimum while doing so. Once your partner gets ready for the penetration, go for it. Try slow strokes first, stop before you are about to cum. This way, you can enhance your intercourse duration and satisfy your partner very well.

Understand Your Partner’s Feeling

Understand your Partner's Feeling in Sex

The most important thing before intercourse is to understand what your partner wants. However, girls hardly reveal their feelings, so you need to understand that with your comprehension. You can understand your partner’s feelings by her course of action i.e. verbal expression or enthusiasm. Don’t try to make fun of your partner or underestimate her, this way, you make your partner feel insecure. Talk to your partner and try to win her confidence.

Spend Some Times in Foreplay

Spend Some Time in Foreplay

So, if you and your partner are nervous before getting along the first time, spend some time in foreplay. Women take some time to be aroused and let their vagina naturally lubricate. If there is enough lubrication, your first-time sex will be smooth and painless. Without greasy substances, you and your partner may experience discomfort and pain due to small scraping in the vagina or penis.

Do Not Explore Much

Don't Explore More Positions in Sex

Don’t try difficult positions or violent sex if you are having sex for the first time. There is the possibility that you try some seducing positions and flaunt your muscles with fast strokes. In such a case, your partner may feel uncomfortable. Be gentle, and once your partner starts supporting you, speed up your strokes. Fast strokes while having sex for the first time is never good, it can ruin the climax.

Keep Your Private Part Hygienic

Keep Your Genital Clean

Keep your genitals clean and hygienic. Unhygienic genitals can lead to infection or sexually transmitted disease. Along with that, cut your nails, wash your hands properly, and make sure your partner does the same before starting sex. Each time before sex, use a new condom regardless of your sperm comes out or not. Females are likely to develop infections in the path of pus. To reduce this, they must pee before and after sex. Men should pee before 15 minutes and soon after the sex. Once fetching out any fluid from the body, clean your genitals with a wet towel or tissue paper.

Safety Measure for Men (First-time sex)

  •  Use a condom as protection during sexual intercourse if you are not planning a baby
  • Try not to have sex with rough postures
  • Use greasy substance or lubricants
  • Don’t use oversize or low-quality condoms, this can lead to unwanted pregnancy

Safety Measures for Women (First Time Sex)

  • Use a female condom if your partner is not wearing the same (Female condom is a barrier type of contraceptive that is inserted into the vagina before having sex).
  • Keep private parts hygienic to avoid infection or STD
  • Participate in intercourse to get extreme pleasure

What If Security Breaks?

  • It is necessary to keep these things in mind if security breaks –
  • Check the condom for possible wear and tear. Don’t use condoms if you suspect that it is torn.   
  • Check the condom’s expiry.
  • If you suspect that the condom is torn after use, talk to your partner.
  • If you feel that the condom has just broken while intercourse, immediately change the position, pull out the condom, and inspect it.
  • A wrong size condom increases the chances of leakage, so wear the right size of the condom.


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