How to Make Your Honeymoon Memorable?

For every couple, the marriage is the most exciting moment and that excitement is even more in their honeymoon as they long plan for this moment. Honeymoon is the journey of the newly married couple to spend some time alone with each other far from home for a few days after their marriage. The honeymoon period lets the couple better know each other and makes that moment memorable. Specifically, the honeymoon is to develop the feeling of love and mutual cooperation when the duo are alone and no one is there to disturb them. The love-filled relationship of the newlyweds begins from the honeymoon itself. Being with each other for some time in solitude creates emotional and physical connections in the mind of both men and women.

Indeed, the couple is very excited about this day after marriage. They get involved in many preparations long before the wedding to make this day special. So, many have questions in their minds that how to make honeymoon days special, so here are the few tips that help you make your honeymoon special.

Best advice to make your Honeymoon special

what to do on honeymoon

Start your honeymoon with a massage

You might get tired of traveling, so you both should start with a massage after reaching the place of your honeymoon. This will help you to overcome fatigue. For this, both of you should take “Couple Massage” (both husband and wife get a massage together in one room). This will relax you and set your mood for love and the adventures ahead.

Try to spend time with each other in your room first

Try to spend the first day of your honeymoon in the room. Spend time with each other in your room. Instead of going out to eat, get food ordered in the hotel room itself. During this, you should order some food items that will make your mood romantic, such as chocolate, strawberries and if you drink wine, then you can also order that. Talk to your partner to know her preferences.

Watch erotic films or read books

Make your mood before involving in a physical relationship. For this, watch erotic movies or read erotic books together. With this, you get ready for your honeymoon and you will have new thrilling ideas for your honeymoon. Doing this will put both of you in the right mood for the honeymoon and will be ready for the romantic moment ahead.

Give attention to each other only

During your honeymoon, forget about the rest of the world and focus solely on each other. What you are doing, keep doing, and do not be too eager to share those moments on social media. At this time, you should think only about your partner more than talking to friends or being active on social media platforms. These moments are very special, in this, you should maintain your privacy. Spend more and more time with each other at this time and it would be even better to switch off the mobile for some time and spend time with each other.

Try something new

It is better to try something new and make your moments special. You can try something different from sex such as trekking (walking to the top of a small hill) and then spending the day by the sea with your partner. You can also enjoy lying down in the open sky at night and talking romantic moments with your partner.  If you are interested in adventure sports, then go to a place where both of you can feel something new and exciting. This will also increase mutual rapport between both of you and by being close to each other, you will also be able to feel love.

Watch the rising sun together

This can be the most exciting moment for both of you. Wake up early in the morning and watch the rising sun together. Enjoy this moment. The first ray of the sun will excite you for a new life.

Things to do during honeymoon

things to do on honeymoon

During the honeymoon, you should do all those things that you have planned to make your moment memorable. Keeping this in mind, below are some useful tips for you –

Dance together

Happiness impels you to dance, and this becomes even more joyful during your honeymoon. Find out about any disco or dance floor near your hotel and dance together. In the evening, both of you go to this place and dance together openly. Also, note that this place should neither be too crowded nor too secluded. You will feel hesitant to dance in both of the cases. Apart from this, do not stay out for long, come to your room as soon as the night is over.

Wear new innerwear everyday

Before going on a honeymoon, both the bride and groom should buy their underwear/lingerie for themselves for the day they have planned to live out. Try to wear new underwear every day for the number of days you are out on your honeymoon. Women should buy underwear according to the new fashion at this time. This will help in awakening excitement in the mind of men.

Make the atmosphere romantic

There should be a love-filled atmosphere in the room you stay in. Come closer to each other and have romantic conservation. During this, to make the atmosphere romantic, you should decorate your hotel room like a honeymoon. You can make the atmosphere romantic with candles, rose petals, and fragrances. This atmosphere around you works to bring you closer to each other.

Plan a private dinner

On your honeymoon, plan a private dinner with your partner.  This would be more romantic if your dinner is arranged by the seashore or in a secluded place. During this time, only you and your partner would be there. This is also a memorable moment during the honeymoon. You can talk to your hotel management to arrange a private dinner.

Honeymoon Night Tips

Honeymoon night tips

In most cases, both women and men are nervous about their honeymoon. In this situation, you should talk to your partner to remove the fear from your mind. If your partner wants to prevent pregnancy, they should also openly talk about safe sex. If many types of questions are arising in the mind of a woman regarding marriage, then she can also take counseling to answer these questions. After coming on honeymoon, both men and women should not be shy about talking about sex.

Talk before or during intercourse

It is very important for any person to learn the art of talking before or during intercourse. It is natural for a man or woman to have sex for the first time on a honeymoon night. But doing some love talking can make your intercourse more comfortable. During this, you should know from your partner what she likes and you should also tell your mind to your partner. Whatever you want to do during intercourse, it is right to do it by asking your partner.

Use lubricant to avoid pain

Vaginal pain during intercourse is common. To reduce this pain, you should use a good lubricant. Do not use glycerine, as there is a risk of yeast infection. If you are using a lubricated condom, the additional lubricant may give you a better experience.

Keep up the confidence

Both men and women should maintain their confidence during this time. You can make the atmosphere romantic with candles, roses, and fragrances. Such an atmosphere helps in maintaining your confidence during the honeymoon night.

How to plan a Honeymoon?

How to plan honeymoon

Make a complete plan

This is considered a very important suggestion in honeymoon tips. Before going to any place on your honeymoon, you should prepare your complete plan. With this, you will be able to enjoy every moment by reaching the place of your honeymoon, without wasting time planning ahead.

Don’t do anything irrational

Don’t do anything irrational, this could land you in trouble. Of course, both of you are very curious about the honeymoon, but at this time, the irrational activities of any of you both can make the other partner uncomfortable. For this, you should talk about this topic before the honeymoon, so that no partner feels trouble during intercourse.

Keep your body clean

Cleanliness is an important factor that you both must maintain. There are more chances of infection due to untidy body parts or genitals. Many women get urine infections due to excessive sex during their honeymoon. The stress of marriage has already weakened the immunity of women. In such a situation, the ladies should first bring their body to normal condition, only then they should go on honeymoon. Apart from this, after intercourse, you must pee and drink plenty of water.

Save the memories of your honeymoon

A honeymoon is the most special moment for every couple. During this, capture the moments that you like the most and try to do the same at home to feel those happy moments once again. Remembrance can’t be omitted and the times you see those special moments, you will feel love for your partner. This keeps the relationship strong.

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