Top Best Web Series You Must Watch on Netflix

Of course, web series are more time-consuming than short-length movies with the conclusion, aren’t they? But the thing is – if we watch movies or series as entertainment, it’s better to consume the time with the series or movies that deserve to be watched. There are many web series and TV shows that are proved much better than popular movies, yet they don’t draw much attention than a movie does. But technically; they deserve to be watched at least once. So, if you have made up your mood and now serving the internet to find out the best TV shows and web series ever made on Netflix, go ahead through this blog and find the top best web series you must watch on Netflix.

Sherlock Holmes

IMDB Rating – 9.1

Nothing could be better than the Sherlock Holmes series when it comes to crime, drama, and thriller! Yup! It is Sherlock Holmes who is still ruling the heart of millions. “The game is on”, the story starts with this and goes on to really intriguing in relays. Detective Sherlock Holmes, a high functioning sociopath,  and his partner Watson’s, a wounded veteran of the war, support made the story a lot more captivating than that one can think of. Sherlock’s incredible ability to notice and deduce things even with trivial details to solve crimes takes the storyline beyond just an ordinary TV show. We can bet that once you start watching it, you can’t help watching it until the end.

Money Heist

IMDB Rating – 8.4

O Bella ciao, Bella ciao, Bella ciao, ciao, ciao” the song and circumstances wherein it is played will create a spark in your body. Really, this top heist drama series is extraordinary. The professor’s brilliant mind to plan the heist in the Royal Mint of Spain and brilliant implementations are above par. Professor, the mastermind of the plan, recruits eight people with certain abilities who have nothing to lose. They altogether execute a high-level money heist despite betrayal, brawl in the team, and the little glitches in the plan. The storyline is primarily focused on the ambitious plan of the professor who carried away his father’s dream. Moreover, the fearless support of ‘Tokyo, the chocolaty girl, Nairobi, a mature and elegant lady, Berlin an eccentric and second after the professor to plot the plan, and all others have done mesmerizing acting. So, if you love drama that is full of thrillers, you must watch this series.


IMDB Rating – 8.5

Are you a bit sentimental? If you are, you are going to watch this multiple times. Spartacus, a rebellion leader, is forcefully parted from his wife in the war with Rome and later pushes into slavery. Henceforth, his brilliant plot to escape from slavery and take revenge on Rome is electrifying. The ways he unites all slave’s army and trembles mighty republic seems like nothing to be more pathetic and struggling than this. This American TV series is a perfect blend of slavery, war, revenge, love, and compassion.

Though there is full of nudity, sex, and bloody violence, yet if we put all these aside, this web series is going to pierce your heart. The shrewd revenge of rebellion leader ‘Spartacus’ is unforgettable. His plan to defend the army of slaves each time while facing might Rome is extraordinary. Moreover, his potential to fight, eternal love for his wife, everything is remarkable.

Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon

IMDB Rating – 8.1

If you love Si-Fi movies beyond imagination, Altered Carbon is going to give you goosebumps. Yeah, it’s a perfect show of technologically advanced society wherein death is no longer a threat. Human memories are kept intact while their bodies are interchangeable with sleeve technology. The story starts with the re-sleeving of Takeshi Kovacs who is a lone survivor of elite interstellar warriors and was defeated in an uprising surge by the world’s new community 300 years ago. He is given a chance to survive again in his new sleeve by a wealthy businessman Laurens Bancroft who wants to get his murder mystery solved.

A lot of mysteries, plots, and unparalleled action keep you glued in the whole first season. The entanglement of Takeshi Kovacs’s choosing his sister and lover amid a high brawl will keep you thrilled. The virtual interviews, nanotechnology, humans of the different genres all are above par.

However, the story is a bit complicated in its second season when Takeshi Kovacs is re-sleeved and is in pursuit of his long-gone lover ‘Quellcrist falconer’. She has been turned murder by an elders group that’s been long vanished but wants revenge from humanity. From start to end, it’s the ultimate web series and one that places itself to be one of the must-watch web series on Netflix.  

The 100

Best Web Series

IMDB Rating – 7.7

If you are looking for something new in Science Fiction and Fantasy, “The 100” would probably fit the best in your choice. Though you may find its subject matter the same as a few movies, yet the storyline, plot, and sequence will keep you hooked throughout the whole series. With a slow start, the story turns into intriguing sequences of events. The blend of technology and resurrect civilization after a nuclear war is giving a new test.

The story starts from exiling 100 juvenile prisoners from space station to earth after 97 years of nuclear war that wiped out all mankind. Their motive is to find out if Earth is still inhabitable. It seems good when they set foot on earth, but soon they start revealing stranger things. They get new challenges to face the existing civilization who has become prone to radiation and some dissenters in their own group.

Once the leaders of the spaceship come to know that the earth is survivable, they plan to return to the Earth. But this is not easy for them. The moles in the group of scientist teams fly away after leaving the ship in no condition to fly and land on earth. But a brilliant plot by a team of leaders and scientists succeeds to land the ship on earth anyhow.

The first 3 to 4 seasons are enthralling, but once you are halfway through the seasons, you might find yourself a bit unsatisfied as many things done by teenagers are off the track. Their rash choices in the hope for the best impel them to the pit. However, related plots of those scenes are revealed later which makes the audience overall satisfied at the end.

Control Z

Best Web Series, control z

IMDB Rating – 6.9

Control Z is a perfect binge-watch teen drama that revolves around shocking teens’ secrets and the hunt of the hacker who targets all and makes them do whatever he wants by leaking their secrets to the public or blackmailing them. He takes advantage of teen’s excessive use of their devices and adherence to social media. Sofia, a teenage student who has a greater ability to deduce things with small details, gets entangled with the exposure of her secrets like others and starts finding the truth.

Sofia (Ana Valeria Becerril) meets a new student “Javier” whom she falls in love with. But Raul, her other classmate and the son of a rich politician, comes into her life. Javier and Raul don’t like each other. They get into brawls many times over the investigation and false assumptions.

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Disclosure of secrets one after another makes teens crazy. They fight, depart, and take revenge by cooperating with the hacker to reveal others’ secrets. Meanwhile, in a brutal fight, Gerardo beats Luis badly and makes him hospitalized. Later he dies in the hospital. Though the truth is revealed at the last that is overall satisfactory, yet Luis’s secrets with Gerardo and Javier’s injury with a gunshot will leave you clueless. That’s what will make you desperate again to watch its next series. But you might have to wait a bit longer as Netflix hasn’t announced its official release yet (by the time this article has been written)

Though there is nothing like an in-depth storyline, emotion, and a memorable drama, yet the suspense created from the very beginning and the way it is carried forward will keep you glued till the end. There are some ebbs and flows that make you keep guessing who can be the hacker, but in the end, when you will come to know who he is actually, your guess, most probably, will go wrong.

So, overall, this gripping teen drama is full of entertainment. Every character including Sofia acted so well. Thus, consider it worth watching. But If you are ready to watch it, make your mind first! Because probably its suspense won’t leave you till the end thereby you would like to watch it in one sitting.


Having a suitcase full of weeds, Mike heads to a hotel passage where cops are pretending to open the room’s lock in the waiter’s dresses. He goes to them and asks for pool facilities and time, obverse closely, and walks away. Cops are confused that what type of drug dealer asks for pool facilities and time to cops as he sees the gun holding on their waists. Anyway, cops suspect and run behind him. Mike evading the cop bumps into Donna (Harvey Secretary) in an interview room where Harvard graduates are being interviewed. Harvey wants another Harvey and Donna reads in Mike another Harvey. Mike outsmarts Harvey in the interview and assures him to be the best lawyer in New York City even though he never went to any law schools. The story of beating competitors, saving clients, getting out of almost impossible situations starts from here with the secret of Mike that he never went to Harvard and Pearson Spector Litt only hires lawyers from Harvard.

Each episode consists of an engrossing story of lawyers fighting in court while keeping Mike’s secrets. However, members of the firm start knowing Mike’s secret accidentally one after another. First Rachel, Jessica, Louise, and so on. They fight each other to keep the secrets, use that to get advantages for their purposes, make use of Mike’s talent to gain the advantages of the firm, and beat the competitors.

Harvey’s style, Donna’s Swag, Mike’s talent, Jessica’s leadership skill, and Louise’s naivety, emotion, and hard reaction to being ignored are really interesting.  The thread of incidences one after another and the way they come out of those together as a family was much more exhilarating.

Each episode is fantastic and gives Goosebumps when watching a fake lawyer saving the people’s lives, firm, and fellow lawyers. When mike’s secret is exposed, he is arrested and everything is in jeopardy. Though Mike fights tooth and nail to prove that he is a student of Harvard and is a legitimate lawyer. But when he is about to win, he thinks about Harvey, the firm’s interest and reputation, and decides to tell the truth before the judge, thereby he saves all and went to jail.

From this point, the story gets a little sluggish because of the too much sentimental drama of other characters. But it bounces back when Mike gets out of Jail soon. Though his secret has been exposed and it’s a bit less exciting watching the series ahead, yet it’s pretty much interesting watching Mike and Harvey winning the cases together when the odds are against them.         

Wrapping up the whole, SUITS is brilliant, sassy, clever, the sophisticated drama created and written by Aaron Korsh.  In the sixty minutes of every episode, an exceptional cast of fine actors played solid roles. Though it’s neither the crime drama nor the detective ones, SUITS is the best lawyer show that has been ever made. So, if you love watching a fine class of lawyers rocking the court, you must go for SUITS.

The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor, Best Series

Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome, is appointed as a surgeon in a prestigious hospital. He is not social, finds difficulty talking to people, lies to them, shows sympathy, and manipulates things. He doesn’t know about emotion, friendship, love, and care, but he has extraordinary medical gifts that he uses to save people’s lives and challenge the skepticism of his colleagues. If he thinks he is right, he doesn’t care what other person thinks, he fights on his own, ultimately he is proved right in treating patients and saving their lives.

In each episode, there is a new exciting case that a team of surgeons including Shaun handles together. They face complications and interestingly save the patient life wherein Shaun’s role to use his extraordinary mind is dominant. There is fun when Shaun learns to be social, understands people’s gestures, recognizes emotions, love, and friendship.  He makes friends, purposes Jessica, and falls in love with Lia at last. All his way to act, react, and be curious to learn new social behaviors is good to watch, and above all, his gifted mind whereby he saves people’s lives is really amazing.  The moments when he is on the brink of being fired from the hospital because of his autism pushed to be a pathologist instead of a surgeon by a senior doctor, his being stubborn to be a part of the surgeon team because he thinks that he is a good surgeon is much more exhilarating. Though you may find a little boredom in some episodes, yet it is one of the best TV series you must watch.

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