5 Best Accounting Software for Small Business in India

It is evident that small and medium business owners, proprietors, and enterprises come across a number of complications while running their business and fulfilling their compliance i.e. accounting, GST, Billing, e-Invoicing, and so on. Needless to say, managing these all is hardly possible manually as there is a high likelihood of occurrence of errors. Therefore, the best way to manage finance and tax compliance is to get the right business software and let it manage everything you need in your business.

With the help of right business software, you will find yourself managing and controlling your entire business finance i.e. accounting, tax, billing, more easily and quickly. So, here we are listing the 5 best Accounting Software for small businesses in India that you can avail for your business.


Tally is one of the most reliable accounting products that empower your business by making your finance and business report seamless. There is greater flexibility in Tally as it adapts to your business without having much intervention. It is having a simple interface and is easier to use, even you can set this up within minutes and start using it.

TallyPrime is the newest product that comes with a multitude of features enabling users to make the business reports much easier and quicker. Its powerful and actionable insights help business owners make more informed decisions for their business growth. You can access tally reports from web browse anywhere & anytime using a PC or mobile device. Be it business accounting, cash, or inventory, it helps you manage entire accounting with a user-friendly dashboard. It is secure, agile, and powerful. Its additional level of security makes it more secure and hacking-proof.


  • Integration of Ledgers
  • Voucher Entry
  • Interest Calculation
  • Individual Bill Tracking/ Billing Info
  • Replacing Accounting Codes
  • Control, Audit, and Budgeting 


No doubt, QuickBooks is another most popular Accounting Software in India. It is cloud-based, so you can track your purchase & sales, manage & control your entire transactions, create and send invoices, and more at any time and from anywhere. It’s easy to use and set up. In fact, you don’t need the assistance of an expert to set it up or use it. All you need to do is register with this, sync another app if any, and connect your bank accounts, and you are all set to go.

Its Powerful features such as seamless accounting, invoicing generation & tracking, auto payment  reminders, and many more make your fiancé’s control much easier and quicker. Indeed it is an all-in-one solution for all your business finance. Its business report helps you make more precise decisions and focus on other vital activities.


  • Cloud Accounting
  • Invoicing
  • Online Banking
  • Accounting Reports
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Accounting Reports
  • Multiple Users
  • Free Support


With an intuitive design and the best features, HostBooks is one of the best business software for small and medium enterprises. It can fulfill your every business need and helps you handle your tax compliance i.e. accounting, filing tax returns, GST filing, e-invoices, e-way bills, payment collection, POS, and even control and manage your entire transaction through HB NEO banking. The most important thing is that it is cloud-based software, therefore one can manage their entire accounting from anywhere with a login ID and password on the web or using its mobile applications.


  • All in One Business Software
  • Cloud-Based
  • Easy GST Return Filing
  • E-Invoice & e-Way-Bill
  • TDS/ Income Tax Filing
  • Neo Bank
  • CRM
  • Business Intelligence
  • 24*6 Support 

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is an online accounting software that manages your entire finances i.e. GST & tax compliance, business workflows, and helps in managing different components of your business. Whether it is managing sales orders or e-Invoicing, Zoho Books handles a multitude of accounting tasks concurrently so that you can stay focused on other core business activities. For various business compliance, Zoho lets you have access to 40+ apps to help you manage and control various aspects of the business on Mobile.


  • End-to-end accounting
  • GST compliance
  • Integrated platform
  • GST treatment for items and contacts
  • GST in transactions
  • E-Way bills for consignments
  • On-time returns filing and more…

Marg ERP

Marg ERP is another most demanding online software solutions for businesses. Be it Payment & Reconciliation, GST Billing & Return Filing, Barcode Management, or Online Import Purchase, Marg ERP is the best to drive your business with unique and advanced features. Its advanced inventory management, what’s app-enabled messaging, direct calling from the system, Shop QR code, e-Retail Web Application, etc. enables you to manage and control your finance with ease. Its live credit limit is even more useful to Set & Track the credit limit for customers and avoids losses. It is a cloud accounting software, so you can keep an eye on your accounting and manage compliance from anywhere.


  • Advanced Billing System
  • Counter Sale Entry
  • Multi Series Provision
  • Point of Sale Provision
  • Credit Limits and Rate Management
  • Margins & Loss
  • Discounts system, and more…

 Summing Up

Considering the cost, quality, and simplicity, these accounting software discussed above are the one of best accounting software to this day.  Mostly, they are cloud-based, automated and have user-friendly features. Many of them come with mobile applications for various compliance such as accounting, GST, E-way bill, E-invoice, POS, and Neo banking, thereby making finance management easier and fast.    

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